Micro Steam Turbine (S2E micro steam turbine)

This is an ecologically designed steam micro-turbine module for the utilization of the energy of the working medium, e.g. steam, to be transferred to electric energy. It has a solid steel frame which enables easy transportation, installation and maintenance without the need of using special tools. The module contains all components for direct connection to existing distribution system. Connect the equipment to its main system in accordance with agreed requirements of the customer are also provided.

The use of micro steam turbine module as a rotating reducer is one of its basic application possibilities. It is a substitution of one reducing valve or system of reducing valves in existing systems, e.g. steam that have reduced the operational parameters of the steam from the supplier to the use according to his requirements. Reduction by steam of valves is always associated with loss of great part of the energy and its conversion to heat. Connecting of rotating reducer – S2E module into system enables utilization of this energy for production of electric energy that can be used for self-consumption, supplying to the grid, or combination of both options.

Sample of Application